Howdy, Readers! Last week we wrapped up Nightmaiden #3 and I left it on quite a cliff-hanger.  Unfortunately, Nightmaiden is going on an indefinite hiatus … but what does that mean? Well, I’ve learned a lot about the characters and the direction of the story as I wrote and drew it. The path seems to be changing in ways I wasn’t quite expecting. Also I’m currently being pulled in several different directions between my day job, family, the Dax Kickstarter, the Dax comic, commission work and Nightmaiden. Something has to give.

So I’m putting Nightmaiden on the back burner while I refocus on other things. I’ll come back to it, though, as I love the story and where it’s been going. I hope that once I can get the other aspects of my life in order I’ll be able to slip Nightmaiden in place and start bringing you more of it. My goal is to have a more significant buffer so I will be able to post more than just once a week without the long breaks in between chapters.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. If you haven’t read Dax, you can check it out here. You can also follow my Google Plus here and my Twitter here.