Kishlynn and Fylar have been friends for as far back as they can remember. Kishlynn is the daughter of Prince Elwynn and never knew her mother. She¬†has grown fond of Fylar and hasn’t figured out how best to express it. Fiercely¬†independent, she has trouble admitting how much she depends on Fylar’s loyalty and honesty.

Fylar is the son of Jakob and Sandra Poldarro, nobles and close friends with Elwynn. He also has a brother, Turir, who is a member of the Telonian faith and personal assistant to Father Faulkner. Trusting and naive, Fylar takes people at face value and is sure that no one would ever purposefully lie to him about anything.


As for updates on the comic, I am in the home stretch of finishing pages and will be launching page #1 on Monday, January 7th, 2013.