My good friend, Charles Dowd, is 10 days into his Kickstarter to get his tough girl webcomic Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree published as a graphic novel. The guy got his funding in the first week and he’s pushing for his stretch goals! The first stretch goal has already been met – every backer who bought a copy of the book will receive a Lilith Dark bookmark designed by me. So that’s cool, I mean what more do you want? Oh well, as soon as he hits $8000 (which at the time of this writing was just a few hundred from happening) the book goes color! Want some more? The $10,000 stretch goal is 3 (yes 3) exclusive Lilith Dark prints drawn by me and the other Zazz guys, John MacLeod of SpaceKid and Joel Poirier of Stripped Comics, to every print book order!


Not sure if this is your thing? You can read the first few chapters here: Lilith Dark