Wow, Issue #1 is complete and posted, been a long 6 months and somehow totally flew by. I’ve been spending the last few months working hard on my other comic Dax with my friend Aaron while still pounding out the pages for Nightmaiden #2. I’m glad to announce that Nightmaiden #2 is complete and waiting in the hopper to pour out all over your screen, be it computer, tablet or the occasional phone. And my little secret, Nightmaiden #3 has a lot of sketchwork done as well 🙂

This would be a good time for you to take in some other great comics by my Zazz Brothers Charles Dowd at (issue #4 just started)  and John MacLeod at (deep into chapter 4). Oh and yeah, if you haven’t read Dax, go check that out too. Issue #1 just wrapped up over there.